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Acknowledging the role of the family and parents enshrined in Article 42 of the Irish Constitution, Community National Schools respect the trust you, as a parent/guardian, place in having your child educated in line with the key principles on which these schools are based.

The school community needs the support and active engagement of parents/guardians at numerous levels. It is a unique experience for any parent when their child goes to primary school and the Community National School strives, through a caring and empathetic approach, to foster a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere in its schools throughout the child's schooling experience and in support of the child's parents and family.

Whilst each Community National School is unique in its make-up, the fundamentals are the same. Community National Schools value you as a parent, your child and your child's family.

Community National Schools appreciate and willingly encourage the involvement of parents, guardians and each child's family, in the education, social and moral development of their child both within and outside the school day.

A customary special 'Welcome Day' takes place at the start of each school year for Junior Infant children and their parents/guardians and various celebratory days in belief calendars are acknowledged during the school calendar year.

Community National Schools provide a variety of after-school activities organised through the school for children and indeed for parents/guardians.

For more detailed information on such programmes and activities log onto your local Community National School or your local ETB.

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