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The Board of Management
The Board of Management in a Community National School when established will have responsibilities based on the same obligations to those prescribed for other Irish primary schools. This will mean that the Board of Management will be responsible for all matters relating to the operation and accountability of the school.

Community National School Boards of Management will be structured to reflect representation from key stakeholders involved in the school. Every Community National School Board will include representation from parents, teachers, the community, the patron and the Principal.
The ETB as Patron
The local Education and Training Board (ETB) currently acts as patron designate for Community National Schools pending the enactment of the necessary legislation to facilitate full VEC patronage. Following enactment, the local ETB will act as the patron of the Community National School, setting out the ethos and philosophy for the development of the school. As patron, the ETB will guide that ethos and see that is supported by the Board and staff of the school.

ETBs have a distinguished record in delivering and working in partnership in the provision of education and training programmes within the communities they serve. ETBs themselves are democratic in representation and statutorily accountable through governing legislation for the performance of their statutory functions. This structure provides significant transparency and accountability.

A number of significant benefits accrue to Community National Schools in having the local ETB as its patron not least of these is the additional support, expertise and knowledge-base that ETBs possess which can act as an invaluable resource to Principals, staff, parents and the school community.

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