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Community National Schools operate through an ethos of inclusiveness and respect for all beliefs both religious and non-religious. Community National Schools provide a multi-belief education programme within the school setting during school day(s). This commitment is an important and distinguishing feature of Community National Schools.

All children are taught a common multi-belief education programme called "Goodness Me - Goodness You" which centres on a common approach with the key to each lesson involving the relating of a story.

Preparations for key milestones in individual beliefs are provided for within the school day.  Local belief leaders are encouraged to come into the school from time to time and particularly during the child's preparation for key milestones in accordance with his/her belief.

On 6 May 2010, Ms Mary Coughlan, Tánaiste & Minister for Education and Skills, commented that:
feedback to date from those involved in the programme has been very positive. It has been particularly welcomed by parents of children in the schools who have direct experience of the lessons and materials being developed.

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